Simple Use

Simple Use No drilling, no screws, no glue.

No drilling, no screws, no glue.

PLATINUM protects against pigeons and other troublesome and harmful birds.

PLATINUM is simple to use, it can be installed without any prior technical skills being required and it is immediately effective. You just need to determine all affected areas, as well as any possible perching points that birds could use, clean the surface to be treated thoroughly and remove all loose and clinging dirt. The surface needs to be dry, free of all grease and dust (it may be best to first test the product on an inconspicuous point). Surfaces that are walked or driven on may not be treated. When using this product, always comply with the legal provisions that apply for you.

PLATINUM cartridges can be used with commercially available dispensing pistols. Due to the viscosity of the product, the use of industrial dispensing pistol type is recommended.
In case of cooler temperatures and in order to make processing easier, the cartridges can be warmed up in warm water prior to the beginning of work.

The usual angle when squeezing is between 30 ° and 60 °. It is important in any case, a certain contact pressure. This could be stated with a laboratory device with 1.5 to 3 bar. When applied, the compound must hit the surface directly and should build up in front of the nozzle slightly thicker than the nozzle opening.

PLATINUM needs to be applied with a strand diameter of 0.3 inch. The cartridge pistol muss be shortened by at least 1.3 inch. A cartridge is enough for approx. 20 feet in the single-strand process.

Dry quartz sand should then be spread over all the PLATINUM strands (grain size 0.1 - 0.3 inch). This prevents that birds or insects (e.g. butterflies) become stuck or that the material adheres to them. The full effect of PLATINUM remains undiminished.

PLATINUM should be systematically applied to the surfaces that need to be protected (please apply the product with a consistent speed). Pigeons avoid coming into contact with PLATINUM and immediately leave these surfaces or don’t even land on them in the first place. It protects reliably and permanently!

In the case of surfaces such as window banks, roof and wall ledges, the first strand should be applied not more than 1.2 inch from the front edge, because pigeons often land there, or land near there. Each further strand is then applied at a gap of 1.5 - 2 inches (please choose a smaller gap in the event of an intense infestation). For further details, please see the processing instructions.
In the case of water-draining surfaces, sufficient gaps need to be left in the strands, or the strands need to be applied diagonally in order to allow water to drain away.
Deformed or damaged strands should be renewed.

Danger of infection in the event of contact with pigeon droppings:
Pigeons expel many microorganisms along with their droppings. These can also include pathogenic organisms. Even those pigeons that do not display outward symptoms of sickness can still be carriers of infectious diseases. Due to the alkaline pH-value of pigeon droppings, they can have a corrosive effect. When removing pigeon droppings, always wear protective clothes and a respirator.

Suggestion for applying on small level surfaces.

PLATINUM Taubenabwehr Suggestion for applying on small level surfaces.

PLATINUM is easy to use and protects buildings of all types against pigeons in a reliable and permanent manner.

Suggestion for applying to large level surfaces.

PLATINUM Taubenabwehr Suggestion for applying to large level surfaces.

Surfaces treated with PLATINUM do not allow pigeons to land, which results in them avoiding these places and flying somewhere else. The swarm behaviour of pigeons means that the behaviour of one quickly “informs” others.

The applied strands need to be completely covered in quartz sand following the application.

PLATINUM Taubenabwehr The applied strands need to be completely covered in quartz sand following the application.

In this way PLATINUM turns pigeons’ favourite places into pigeon-free zones - in an extremely effective yet animal-friendly manner. Spikes, wires and electric shocks are a thing of the past. PLATINUM is not only less conspicuous optically, but is also cheaper than traditional defense systems.

The individual strands must be sprinkled with dry quartz sand, an application without
Quartz sand is not permitted in terms of animal welfare. This prevents it from adhering or sticking to birds or beneficial insects (e.g., butterflies)
comes. The effect of PLATINUM remains fully intact.